HTC POLY is my vision of a smartphone of the near future. It is a concepts that demonstrates how smartphone design can benefit from some technologies in development today. Particularly such technologies like flexible batteries, displays and other electronic components that are mostly found in rigid form today. It embodies the idea that by reducing the amount of such rigid elements in smartphones, we can finally see their designs evolve into something more than a conventional “plank” form factor. And this in turn will open up a whole spectrum of user interaction with said smartphones.


There is a variety of ways you can interact with HTC POLY. You could folded it in half screen side in much like a conventional flip phone, but unlike the conventional flip phone you could

bend the phone the other way around and even twist it. This means that you flip can the phone one way to protect the screen while carrying it around or the other way to make the phone rest vertical on the table. You can end a call with a rewarding gesture of a shutting the phone close, or clamp the device to your jacket while utilizing it as a music player.


A flexible corner piece also allows for a variety of new ways to interact with the camera. It makes the same lens carry out the functions of a front and back cameras. That said, it is not really limited to these two states. You can really set the camera at any angle you feel necessary. Moreover the fact that in a resting state the camera is parallel to the edge of the phone, makes it possible to film or take pictures while resting the phone on a flat surface with no need for a tripod or a stand.


That said, is just a conceptual work. A concept that is aimed to provoke thoughts on the topic of user/smartphone interaction. It does not suggests any complex and developed scenarios of user interaction rather acts as pabulum for reflection.