LIMBO Battery Holder

LIMBO is a wall decoration piece that promotes recycling designed for the Umbra. It functions as temporary storage for depleted batteries. A user forms the decorative pattern by placing dead batteries into the frame. When LIMBO is filled up, the batteries are taken for the recycling all at once. In a way this product combines a battery storage containers with a wall mounted collection exposition piece. Therefore in spite of its novelty and uniqueness it will can easily accepted into an everyday routine of the general audience.


The major advantage of this battery collecting solution is that unlike the most products for collecting dead batteries, LIMBO has a design that embraces on the appearance of batteries stored in it. Thus rather than hiding its content, the product displays the it in an elegant way.


The design of LIMBO battery holder adopts the design ideology of Umbra as a brand. Particularly it has the same user-puzzling nature that products like the conceal book shelf and the suspend clock have. Once filled with batteries, it becomes unobvious as to how the structure is attached to the wall.

Special attention was given to the materials used in the design. The frame is made of bent wood that juxtaposes with the hi-tech nature of batteries. The supporting pins on the other hand are produced of stainless steel and thus blend with the pattern formed within a frame.


Packaging is also an essential part of LIMBO’s design as it is involved in the mounting of the product. On the side the box features product’s outline with a pair of marked holes. When held against the wall this outline allows for a precise positioning of a pair of mounting screws. The screws are then used to keep LIMBO in place.




LIMBO is the outcome of an intense brainstorming and ideation and prototyping process. As such, a wide variety of concepts was developed and put to test throughout the duration of the project. In fact my work on LIMBO laid down the foundation for several a spin off projects.