Polaroid SHIFT

The aim of this conceptual project was to design a product for the Polaroid Corporation that would expand brand’s product range in an unusual direction. The object was to be contrast to all the other Polaroid products, and yet still consider companies philosophy, it’s market conduct, visual language and brand’s spirit.


I’ve decided mimic company's technology-driven approach to product design. That said I deliberately avoided any digital technologies which misaligned with the spirit of the original Polaroid Corporation that existed prior to the computer era.


Polaroid Shift is an the next stage in the evolution of posting notes. It expands their functionality and transforms them into an analog alternative for digital reminders. It is in substance a case of photochromic stickers. The user utilises this stickers much like regular posting notes. She writes something she need to remember down on a Shift Sticker and place it in a visible spot. As placed the the sticker appears pale and unobtrusive, but as time goes by it will begin to gain a vibrant color, consequently drawing attention to the message it displays.


Polaroid Shift’s layered structure separately contains 5 different sets of stickers. Each set gains color with different rate. They range between the ones that shift color in an hour, day, week, month and the entire season. This gives the Polaroid Shift enough timing flexibility to adapt to any task. And thus makes the product a powerful tool for time management.

The secret behind the stickers colour change is in the photochromic pigment that they are coated in. When exposed to light, such pigment is subjected to a chemical reaction which causes gradual colour change. The longer light exposure, the greater the change is. In a relatively similar lighting environment photochromic pigment can function as an approximate indicator of time passed.


It is worth noting that such method of time measurement is far from precise, however it should not be considered as flaw due to the analog nature of the product. Shift stickers are intentionally different from digital reminder in a way that they are not meant to function as timers, rather than an indicator of the fluidity of time.