Project Vinterface

Vinterface is an augmented reality platform that enhances your productivity and expends your entertainment possibilities by making things so much handier.


It layers your furniture, walls or any other surface around you with a digital interface which blurs the line between the virtual and physical interactions. If place at your workplace, for example, it could be used to merge the desktop of your computer with the actual desktop said computer rests upon. Now you can add digital links to the posting notes on the table lamp, preview online purchases you make in real scale right in front of you or conduct a digital search of that one pencil you could swear you were just holding in your hands. As a platform, Vinterface in not locked on a particular set of functions. By switching between different apps you can easily adapt it to a widest range of activities.


Vinterface is projected from a special unit, which is equipped with several motion sensing input devices. The unit could be mounted to the ceiling, built into the furniture or be carried around from place to place on a tripod. Without the mounts Vinterface Unit is compact enough to be carried around in you bag.

Project co-authors:

Margarita Nefedova

Alice Minkina

Alexey Zhukov

Nikolay Yudin