SEAT LIMES represents the main aspects of younger generations: energy, socialisation and style. It embodies the idea that city-car can be both as dynamic looking as a racing bolide and as comfortable as a limo. In order to achieve that SEAT LIMES has a built in autopilot that aims to shift drivers focus away from the busy city traffic. The design also features large side windows which encourage observation of passenger’s surroundings. Due to the fact that for the most part the car self-drives, the function of front window is instead carried out by a frontal 3D camera.


Even the interior of the car is built around the experience of travel. It allows for a convenient interaction between the “driver” and passengers. Thus the front sofa and the back seat are facing each other and are only separated with retractable screen and steering wheel which are used only occasionally for a manual operation of the vehicle.  The luggage space is also accessible from the inside of the car. This allows for a more convenient way of storing hand baggage. All the car doors feature non-contact palm scanner and open automatically.


Lastly, SEAT LIMES  is designed with safety in mind. The position of the front sofa (which faces away from the road) as well as absence of any form of windscreen accounts better passenger protection in case of frontal collision.

Project co-authors:

Ekaterina Kachlaeva