-“One man’s trash is another plant’s treasure”


Generally speaking Tea-Rex is a flower pot that lets you feed house plants with leftover moisture from used tea bags. The product shows how a plant can act as a busy person’s pet. As such it is designed to be in the centre of attention and to be interacted with.


The interaction between the Tea-Rex and the user come in a variety forms. From the swing you have to make with the tea bag to place it into the pot’s mouth, to an array of possible objects you can stick into pot’s crest.


Tea-Rex works best with succulent plants as they rely on modest but regular moisture intake. A single tea bag 5 days a week should contains enough water to sustain most kinds of such plants. For a flower pot this size the maximum amount of water that a plant in it can require is 3 tea bags daily.


Packaging prototyping also took place in the course of the project. The idea was to create a box that would speak the same values Tea-Rex does. Hence emphasis was put on the sustainable side to the packaging as well as the way user interacts with it. As a result we came up with a box which was waste-free in production and which required only 2 drops of glue to be assembled. A lot of attention was also given to the way the box opened up and how it presented the product in the process.



Project co-authors:

Margarita Nefedova