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Hi, I'm Stepan Drunks

I’m a computational design lead
and a game developer.
Here are my highlights:

A fashion piece I’ve been giving lectures on for over 8 years

— How did it get trending? First published in Esquire in 2015.
Then picked up by a Yanko Design article which explained the technical know-how behind this backpack.
It all snowballed from there.

A parametric model that got me lecturing at San Jose State Uni

— What’s special about it? The structure is optimized for fast, strong and efficient 3d printing. Find out more in
this viral reddit thread.

My crypto-miner design
selling for $1300 a piece

— Can I get one? Sure!
It's called HeatBit.
Here’s a link.

A drone-plane that kickstarted my own industrial design studio

— What’s the story? It was our first client to see value in design research
and the first brand to hire us for a full-scope design project.

A educational gear design
I've lost most money on

— How did I manage that? Tale as old as time:
We put too much trust in a massive client. They never paid.

I've landed into 0.5% of games in the largest international game Jam

— What Jam? GMTK Jam 2023.
I ranked #30 in creativity
out of 6842 games.

My game with the most promising product metrics.

— How good are they? Can’t disclose =\
It’s still in development.
But they are really good!

My hyper-casual game design with 5M installs

— What did I do on the project?I authored the game concept and the GDD.

My VR passion-project
now getting a Double-A remake

— How did that happen? I've moonlighted for a year to make this demo.
It then got picked up by a studio upon release.
Stay tuned for a public reveal!

An artsy TikTok channel
sometimes reaching over

I’m open for:

• Full time Jobs
• Contract work
• Public Speaking
• Creative Collabs