I'm Stepan Drunks

I do product design

But also other stuff too

I'm all about products
that are engaging to use

Phoresy Pack

A backpack design featuring an adaptive and flexible tessellated material, procured from a single sheet of CNC-milled leather. The design expands or shrinks flat based on the size of its contents.


A consumer-grade drone plane. Designed to be operated with a head-mounted display linked to the gimble-based camera at the front of the plane.


A modular pencil case that opens from any side.
Apart from it’s obvious fidget-potential, the design is also very trivial to produce being composed of only 3 identical parts.


A bit of equipment used to physically demonstrate the heat-sensing mechanism common among snakes. The thermal camera picks on infrared sources surrounding the user and provides thermal feedback.
Designed for the Polytechnic Museum of Moscow

Phoresy Slim

A lighter textile version of the Phoresy Pack developed to fit the users back as close and flat as possible.


A portable AR computer delivering video signal from the DD1 base station to the user’s head-mounted display.

Limbo Battery Holder

A functional wall-decor piece designed for Umbra.
Elegantly keeps your used batteries so you can dispose of them later in one go!

Tea Shard

Folds to form a scoop for simple loading.
Snaps close for brewing.
Unfolds flat for easy washing, storage and logistics.
It’s magnetic too.


A series of copper plated woodless pencils.
An elegant accessory packed in a glass test tube.
The pencil is unpacked by heating the wax tip gough the glass.

I revel in prototyping of all kind.
From hot workshop modeling
to digital bodging.

I believe creativity is a muscle.
So I work mine every chance I get

Here is what I’ve been doing
for the last 5 years:

I've co-founded and are currently running vosq design studio.
All the projects in my portfolio have been developed or eventually ended under it's banner.

Our clients include some massive Russian brands like Yandex and Sberbank, but, you know, NDA and stuff...

I'm also a lecturer at the BA (Hons) Product and Industrial Design course at the British Higher School of Art & Design (Moscow)

By night, I'm also an indie gamedev


A passion-project of mine that grew to become a VR game currently on it's way to a commercial release.
It's about flight and parkour with an unconventional locomotion system.

Do check out this tech-demo on itch.io

A bunch of little games

I've build a few much simpler toys over the years. They are mostly all over the place, but one did end up on the Google Play.


A short comic I made to try myself in the art of speculative fiction.

A little bit about myself:

I live and breathe design. Sometimes to the detriment of everything else.
But hey, at least nothing holds me back from travel

People think I work fast,
but actually I just work a lot.

I’m a fast and eager learner.
One day i'm like:
”wouldn't it be cool to…”
Next I’m sending nights learning Adobe Animate, Unity, Ant-Farming and C#.

I have a thing for algorithmic design, simulations, and interactive systems.

I think I’m good with people.
If teaching design and running my studio taught me anything, it’s that communication is usually half the job.

Also I’m nowhere near as full of myself as this list might suggest

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